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Sneaker 0 by Snap

Is this the greatest sneaker ever? Visitors to Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street will be able to try the augmented reality Sneaker0 and take it home.

Sneaker 0 Unboxed

The Design Museum and Snap have partnered up to add a completely new dimension for audiences as part of the Sneakers Unboxed: From Studio to Street exhibition. For the first time ever, visitors will be encouraged to try on one of the exhibits, Sneaker 0, in augmented reality and take the experience home.

Sneaker 0 isn’t any ordinary sneaker. As well as existing in augmented reality, it is the world’s first sneaker to be designed entirely by a computer using machine learning from a curated exhibit list. To build it, a computer was trained in sneaker design by scanning thousands of sneakers around the world. Then, it was given visual information of the 200+ iconic sneakers chosen to be displayed at the exhibition, to learn what makes a great design.

This information was fed into a machine learning model, which led to the computer creating its version of the ultimate sneaker. Sneaker 0 was chosen as its name because it is the first sneaker to be designed by exactly zero humans.

Each shoe can be experienced by simply opening Snapchat and scanning a Snapcode. Once the AR Lens has been unlocked, sneakerheads tap on the screen and once the shoe forms, they can then point their smartphone camera at their (or a friend’s) feet and Sneaker 0 will appear, fitting perfectly. Snapchatters can then cycle through the various colour options to try them all on.

Ready to try Sneaker 0?

Download the Snapchat App to your mobile and follow Designmuseumldn:

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Open up your Snapchat App and scan the Snapcode by clicking the link below to try Sneaker 0:

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