For the Design Museum, design is a continually evolving subject which it explores through its exhibitions programme, publishing, permanent collection, learning and research activities.

Design is a way to understand the world and how you can change it.

Designs of the Year

The museum's annual Designs of the Year awards are a great snapshot of creative innovation from across the world.

Design Museum Publishing

Established in 2015, Design Museum Publishing makes innovative books encompassing all elements of design, including architecture, fashion, product and graphic design.


One of the most successful examples of amateur British invention,

Arts and Crafts Movement

A reaction against the industrialised society that had boomed in Britain in the Victorian period.


The world’s first supersonic commercial passenger aircraft.

London Transport

A progressive public transport system, London Transport is home to many of the most familiar design icons of Britain.


A Milan-based collective of young furniture and product designers led by the veteran Ettore Sottsass.

Penguin Books

A pioneer of high quality paperbacks, Penguin adopted an equally progressive approach to book design.

Chairs - late 1800s

Chairs - early 1900s

Chairs - 1920s

Chairs - 1930s

Chairs - 1940s

Chairs - 1950s

Chairs - 1960s

Chairs - 1970s

Chairs - 1980s

Chairs - 1990s

Chairs - 2000s

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What better way to start the story of design than with chairs. Further chapters will be added that reflect the museum's programme of research, learning and exhibitions. Please note the design featured in this section is online content only and currently not on display at the Design Museum.