Object Donations

The Design Museum collects with the aim of delivering the museum’s mission to teach the value of design. The collection contains outstanding examples of design which have shaped the modern world, ranging from architecture to fashion, transport to graphic design, and product design to furniture.

The Design Museum gratefully welcomes all offers to its collection. Please get in touch with us by completing the form below with details and photographs of your object.

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If the object fits the priorities outlined in our Collection Policy and is in good condition, then it may be that your donation is exactly what we have been looking for. In this case, it will be accepted into our permanent collection with our thanks.

However, it may be that the museum cannot accept your offer. It may be that the museum already has a similar example. It could be that your object is simply too large to fit in our stores, or it isn’t quite right for us (but might suit another museum). In this case, our staff will be able to advise you.

Due to the large volume of messages the museum receives every day, please note that it is not always possible to reply to every request. If you have a specific query, it may already be answered in our frequently asked questions below.


What kind of objects does the Design Museum collect?

shaped the modern world, from architecture to fashion, graphic design to product design, furniture and transport.

The museum collects a wide range of material, including posters and shopping bags, vinyl records and magazines, telephones, computers, video games and laptops, ready-to-wear fashion and t-shirts, chairs and other examples of furniture. If you’re looking for a good home for your design collection, we’d like to hear from you.

Please note that the Design Museum does not collect large kitchen appliances such as ovens or washing machines.

Does the museum accept donations of books?

Yes. The Design Museum welcome all offers of architecture and design-related books and magazines. Please send us a photograph of the book spines and we will let you know if they are of interest.

I am in the process of clearing an estate with several objects that I think might be of interest. Will the Design Museum visit?

Please complete the form with details of the objects in question along with a clear photograph. If we think there is something that is potentially of interest, we will get in touch to find out more.

If the object is in London and the surrounding area, we may be able to arrange an in-person visit. In exceptional cases, we will consider making visits further afield in the UK.

What do I get in return for donating an object?

In recognition of your generosity, the Design Museum offers can offer a credit line which will be shown alongside the object each time it appears on display in perpetuity. This takes the form of: ‘Gift of John and Jane Smith’, or ‘Given in memory of Jane Smith’.

I donated an object, but I can’t see it on display.

The Design Museum cares for several thousand objects, and it can only show a small proportion of its collection at any one time. Once your object has been accepted into our collection, it will be catalogued and looked after in our collection store until such a time that it can be put on display.

Please rest assured that your object is well looked after, and has been made available for research, study and education purposes and for loan to other museums.

I am interested in lending an object to the Design Museum.

Loans are always initiated by a member of the curatorial team, usually with a specific exhibition or display. Please note that once an exhibition has opened to the public, the museum is not able to re-jig the display to accommodate your object.

The Design Museum will consider long-term loan arrangements in exceptional circumstances only.

I am a designer, or a retailer specialising in design. How can I feature my product at the Design Museum?

Most of the Design Museum’s exhibitions are generated by the museum’s in-house curatorial team or through collaborations with other institutions. Our exhibitions tend to be planned several months or more in advance, and objects are selected by direct invitation from our curatorial team.

I want to know how much my object is worth.

Unfortunately, the Design Museum is unable to value privately-owned objects or works of design. For valuation advice, please contact a reputable auction house or local dealer.

I am looking for information about a specific design or designer.

Due to the volume of enquiries received daily, the Design Museum’s curatorial team is not able to reply to requests for private research.