Schools Key stages 2, 3, 4 and 5

Digital Design Workshops

Focusing on the role of digital technology in the design and technology industries, these sessions combine analogue hands-on experiences with an introduction to designing through software. During the sessions, students will learn to use the software to create a design response to a user brief.

These workshops support the National Curriculum for Design and Technology and is tailored for key stages 2, 3, 4 and 5.

The sessions currently run both online and remotely. Please note that timings and session capacities vary depending on the format.

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Topics available

App design

What do you have to consider when creating an app? What makes an app good or well-designed? In this workshop, students will explore the world of app design and create a prototype for their own user-centred app.

Digital graphic design

What makes a great graphic design? Why do some examples capture our imagination? Students will learn about graphic design and its history, and then design their own posters in response to a brief.

Code your Own Adventure

Learn how coding can give a player the ability to choose their path, and use the coding engine Twine to create your own interactive narrative. Discover the most interesting ways to create a narrative, the history of storytelling and find out why video games are the biggest revolution in fiction since the invention of the novel.

Learning outcomes

  • Digital design fundamentals and digital prototyping
  • Understanding of design software
  • Understanding of the design process behind digital products
  • Visual communication, diagramming and storyboarding
  • User interaction design and storytelling
  • Explaining and constructively critiquing their own ideas and those of others

How to book

Book a Remote Digital Design Workshop

Format: remotely via Zoom

Cost and duration: £120 per 2h session (up to 30 students)

Availability: Monday–Friday during term time. The timings can be adapted to fit your lesson times.

To book a session, please contact the Learning Team via the email: