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Designers in Residence 2020

In a world characterised by technological acceleration, healthcare challenges and climate uncertainty, more than ever, we need design that cares.

This year's designers will approach the challenging brief of Care through fashion, architecture, art and trans-disciplinary design.

2020 residents

Abiola Onabule

Cynthia Voza Lusilu

Enni-Kukka Tuomala

Ioana Man

Theme: Cosmic

Designers in Residence 2019

This year's designers were encouraged to interpret the theme Cosmic as openly as possible.

The growing ambition to reach Mars – explored in the Design Museum's Moving to Mars exhibition - has opened a debate about the human colonisation of untouched planets. This cosmic scale of activity brings design into contact with science, ecology and the supernatural, and raises questions about what it means to be human.

2019 residents

Mále Uribe Forés

Marta Giralt

Robert Johnson

Stiliyana Minkovska

Theme: Dwelling

Designers in Residence 2018

This year the Design Museum has invited designers and architects to respond to the theme ‘dwelling’.

More than ever before, our preconceptions of the home are being challenged. In the UK, the rising cost of housing has priced younger generations out of property markets and new technologies are expanding ideas of domesticity.

It’s clear that our understanding of dwelling, and the home, is shifting. It’s no longer about where we live, but about how we live. How can design respond to these challenges and how are our changing perceptions of the home influenced by design?

2018 residents

Hester Buck

Ella Bulley

Eva Jäger and Guillemette Legrand

Dr Helga Schmid

Ella Bulley

Project: Saccharum, Image credit: Sam Ha

Helga Schmid

Image credit: Kelly Spanou

Hester Buck

Legrand Jäger

Guillemette Legrand & Eva Jäger Image credit: Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee, 2018

Theme: Support

Designers in Residence 2017

For Designers in Residence 2017 the Design Museum invited designers and architects to respond to the theme Support. The notion of support has underpinned the whole residency since its inception, however for the first time in the programme’s history, the museum provided four designers with a designated studio space

2017 residents

Soomi Park

Chris Hildrey

Studio Ayaskan

Yinka Danmole

Studio Ayaskan

Past project | Transitions

Chris Hildrey

Past project | ProxyAddress

Soomi Park

Past project | Embarrassed Robots

Yinka Danmole

Theme: Open

Designers in Residence 2016

This year the Design Museum opens the doors to its new home in Kensington. The Designers in Residence of 2016 will join the museum on this journey. Through a focussed and rigorous proposal, the museum asked designers to submit creative responses to this year’s theme OPEN.

2016 residents

Alix Bizet

Clementine Blakemore

Andrea de Chirico

Rain Wu

Alix Bizet

Past project: ‘Hair Matter(s) explores the role of hair in evoking and shaping identity. Photo: Juliette Delforge

Clementine Blakemore

Past project: Workshop building outdoor classroom with local and international participants. (Project Chander Nagar, India, 2012) WORKSHOP architecture

Andrea de Chirico

Past project: The Hairdryer 1.0 project is rethinking production methods of everyday objects.

Rain Wu

Past project: Eataipei, an experimental culinary experience curated with Shikai Tseng and chef Chung-Ho Tsai

Theme: Migration

Designers in Residence 2015

9 September 2015 - 3 April 2016

‘This year's Designers in Residence programme invites four designers to respond to the theme of ‘migration’. It can be a reflection of objects or processes that imply movement, or transition, of shifting and cross-fertilising cultures, or of mobility.’- Deyan Sudjic, Design Museum Director

2015 residents

Chris Green

Stephanie Hornig

Hefin Jones

Alexa Pollmann

Theme: Disruption

Designers in Residence 2014

10 September 2014 – 8 March 2015

‘Disruptive innovation interrupts established ways of thinking, diverges from traditional practices and proposes new, unexpected ideas.’ Deyan Sudjic, Design Museum Director

2014 residents

James Christian

Ilona Gaynor

Torsten Sherwood

Patrick Stevenson-Keating

Theme: Identity

Designers in Residence 2013

4 September 2013 – 12 January 2014

This year’s Residence were selected via an open call in response to the brief ‘Identity’. The designers were invited to explore how design can be used to convey, create or reflect a sense of identity through an object or an experience.

2013 residents

Adam Nathaniel Furman

Eunhee Jo

Chloe Meineck

Thomas Thwaites

Theme: Thrift

Designers in Residence 2012

5 September 2012 – 14 April 2013

The finalists were asked to respond to the brief ‘Thrift’ and to explore the idea of economy and resourcefulness in an object, an environment or an experience.

2013 residents

Freyja Sewell

Harry Trimble and Oscar Medley-Whitfield

Lawrence Lek

Yuri Suzuki

Theme: Imperfection

Designers in Residence 2011

24 August 2011 – 22 January 2012

Selected via an open-call, the finalists were asked to respond to a brief which considered the idea of imperfection either in an object, environment or experience.

2011 residents

Simon Hasan

Hye-Yeon Park

Will Shannon

Jade Folawiyo