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2020 brought great global challenges and a difficult situation with various consequences across all population groups, including children. The crisis can⎯and should⎯be a starting point for a paradigm shift in the way we think about our cities. Given that nearly a third of the 4 billion people living in urban areas are children (UNICEF, Child Friendly Cities initiative), it is undeniable that for the transformation processes of large metropolises to be successful, they must be carried out with a child-friendly approach.

Today, more than ever, it is of great importance to listen carefully to children’s opinions and visions, to ensure they are included in the design of public policies to face present and future challenges. To get closer to achieving this goal, we have launched the initiative Metropolis Through Children’s Eyes, with the objective of promoting children’s creative expression through drawings and, at the same time, identifying trends in what they envision for the future of their metropolises in response to the changes caused by the pandemic.

This contest is organised by Metropolis and is aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 14, who live in some of the cities belonging to the Metropolis network. Before participating, it is important to check that the city you are participating from is included. To take part, the persons legally responsible for the minor must fill out the registration form, providing their full name, the minor’s name, an email address, and a brief description of the drawing. Each registered child will be able to submit only one drawing. The contest will be open from 30 july, 2021, to 31 october, 2021.

To take part in the contest, the person legally responsible for the child will access the user registration form and provide their full name, the minor’s name, an email address, a brief description of the drawing and the minor’s age to submit the drawing to the appropriate category. For this contest, the three following categories have been established, according to the age of the participants: Category A) 5-8 years old; B) 9-11 years old; C) 12-14 years old. The category refers to the minor’s age at the time the contest is closed.

All drawings should be uploaded to the website in PNG, JPEG or any digital image format, or sent via ordinary mail. That being said, all drawings should be done by hand. To choose the second option, you must print and complete the registration form and send it together with the drawing in a sealed envelope, marked with the name of the contest, to the Metropolis Secretariat General, to the address Avinyó, 15. 08002 Barcelona (Spain). The person registered as a participant will receive a confirmation email when their drawing is published.

All participating drawings will be available on the website and will be voted on by the public. For each category, 10 finalist drawings will be selected, which will go on to a second phase in which they will be evaluated by a jury made up of 5 experts from different sectors and disciplines, who will be in charge of selecting a winner from each category. The final results will be announced at the 13th Metropolis World Congress to be held in November 2021.

The first place prize winner in each category will win educational materials with a value of €300, along with the opportunity to have an online meeting with the mayor of their city.

You can download the registration form here, and the drawing template here, and send your creation in a sealed envelope to the address Avinyó, 15. 08002 Barcelona (España).

Send the drawing attached with ALL the information of the child and legal tutor to the email to participate.



The contest prizes will be distributed across the different contestant age groups and will consist of the following:

A set of educational materials worth €300 for each winner in each category.

The three winners will have the chance to take part in an online meeting and have a brief chat with the mayor's office of their city.


From 31 October 2021 onwards, the 10 finalists for each category will be published on the contest website, and the three winners chosen by the jury will be announced during the 13th Metropolis World Congress.

Further information about the jury and the award ceremony will be provided soon.